Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HALLLLOOOOWWEEEEEEEEEEEN!!! pt 4: Skull-tastic Centerpiece

Yay for corny names like "Skull-tastic Centerpiece!"

Candy corn + glittery skulls + silver tray = creepy fun glam!

(And you can't argue with math.)

My thing about centerpieces is that if I want them to be usable, they can't be so tall that I can't see the person on the other side. So this long, shallow silver tray was perfect! Plus it was on clearance at Target for a mere $3 so I had to snag it up.

I originally had it filled with tea lights and had no intention of putting the skulls in it. In fact, my plan was to put the skulls horizontally in a vase I already had, one on top of the other. But they were a smidge too wide to fit! And I loved the creepy little dudes so much that I couldn't NOT use them. So I ditched the tea lights, filled the tray with extra candy corn that wouldn't fit in the bowl, and topped it with my skulls. Perfect fit!

It's simple, small (good for Mr. Tiny Table) and not too high so it doesn't block anyone sitting across from me. Great success!

Hope you guys like it. And does anyone else have the same issue with tall centerpieces? Yes they're gorgeous but how do they not get annoying?? Let me know your short centerpiece ideas and solutions.

Much spooky spooky love,

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