Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grouped Frames: Cheaper Than You Might Think

l knew my entry way was in dire need of something that said "come on in, this apartment is warm and inviting, please have some candy, yep, we have candy! but not in the creepy kind of way! Not like we're enticing young children into a boiling pot of water or anything!"

So in order to communicate this (because saying that verbally tends to make people uncomfortable) I opted to do a framed art grouping and get a little "catch all" console table instead.

The best part? It was SUPER cheap!

I payed $5-$10 for each frame (and the 2 black chandelier tiles) thanks to a half-off frame sale at good ol' Hobby Lobby, and the art was my own so it was free! Even the 2 framed canvas prints from Target were only $16 a pop if I remember correctly. And the table, which was $99 from target, was a present so that deserves a little happy dance! *does happy dance*

I think this put me a total of about $70 out of pocket. (I'd have an exact number for you, but at the time I didn't know I was going to start a blog so I didn't keep track exactly- sorry!)

My favorite right now is the ornate frame because it's framed fabric that I can pin different things onto! So since it's October, I made a little jack-o-lantern out of construction paper and sharpies. Took about 5 minutes. Woohoo for fast and cheap decorations!

Ps- I also sincerely apologize with all my heart about the photo quality. These were all taken with the ol' iPhone.

Have you guys had success with grouped photos? How did you make it something affordable?

Much love,

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