Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Has To Be A Fire Hazard...

Herrow! Time for more fall pics!

Here's the whole living room in all it's glory. I wasn't sure how I'd like orange in here with all my grays and blues, but it actually worked pretty well I think!

Close up on my mantle. No it's not on fire, that's fall-y leaves! Though I definitely won't deny that this could be a fire hazard. These candles get lit only for you guys. These leaves and the little red bird were leftover from my friend's baby photoshoot, and everything else I already had. The middle candle holder was on my coffee table and the pillar candles and stands were on a shelf above my TV.

Close up on Mr. Birdie! Love how warm and glowy this looks :)

With this candle holder on my mantle, I needed something else to put on my coffee table. Here's what I decided on!

I already had this cute basket from Marshall's, I cut off some of the leaves from the mantel piece, used some candles I already had, nested in the other Mr. Birdie (they came in a pack of two), and used some of the same filler (also leftover from the baby photoshoot) that I used for my entry way table here. As much as I love you, I didn't light these candles for you. After all, they are basically sitting in a bed of tinder. Might not be smart.

Lastly, here's my dining table! Similar to my Halloween set up with the orange thing and silver tray, but using pine cones and my white World Market pumpkin instead of glitter skulls and candy corn.

I'm super proud of myself because all of these were essentially FREE (aside from the $1 bag of pine cones). Such an improvement after my Halloween spending!

How have you guys transferred Halloween and everyday decor into something Fall-ish? I'd love to see!

Much love,

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