Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DeLIGHTful or The LIGHT fail?

Eh eh? Pretty clever play on words right?


Well fine then.

*gets hit with a rock*

You're just supposed to throw tomatoes people!! Bahh

Anyways, my Target hanging paper lantern idea was a mess of fail. They are technically outdoor lights, meaning when I got home and opened the box I saw this:

Eeek! Green wire! Green wire that is NOT gonna look good hanging from my white ceiling!!!!

I had no choice but to reevaluate my options. (hehe, REEEEEV-aluate)

Option 1: return the target batch and opt for the World Market ones I mentioned in the last post. Maybe do 1-3 big hanging lanterns instead of 10 little ones. Could be cool, but might be pricier.

Option 2: get some white spray paint and make those ugly green cords white! Huzzah!

I'm just thinking out loud here, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with Option 1. Why? Because I can hook everything up and see how I like it, and if I don't like it I can return them and then go with Option 2. If I go with 2, there's no returning that puppy after I've spray painted the crap out of its cords.

Anyone have any other options I should consider? Or places that I can get hanging paper lanterns cheaper than World Market?

Much love,

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