Who Is Katelyn?

Oh hai! I'm Katelyn. I'm 23. I'm a starving artist graphic designer.

Lollllllls. Are you still here??? Ok I guess I'll tell you more. This is me:

I'm a floating head! Ahh!!
Yes the one on the right. And that's my boyfriend Hami. I live by myself but he's pretty much over every day so he deserves a pic here or there. I'm into nerdy things like webdesign and vectors and micron pens. I can browse a Hobby Lobby like the most skilled little old lady. I'm a faithful lover of Tar-Jay. Occasionally I do something cool like design shirts for Hot Topic. And I love my cat Mochi!

Momo! She is teh cute!
I moved into my first apartment in May 2010 and I've spent 2394738 hours more time than I'm proud of surfing the web and reading blogs like Apartment Therapy and Young House Love getting inspired to decorate it! But I'm a stickler with my cash, and since I work a nine to five + do freelance on the side, I don't have much spare time!

Despite that, I'm trying to slowly but surely turn my little apartment into exactly what I want it to be. Much love and thanks to anybody that happens to read any of my little adventures/misadventures or leaves me feedback or doesn't think I suck! Muah!