Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Double the Pumpkins, Double the Fun!

In the last post you may have noticed my oh-so-classy black nails spattered with chipped white paint. Lets see if you can guess why that was...

a) Katelyn has no sense of personal style
b) That's not paint, it's dried milk- I punched a cow in the udder. Yep, right in the udder
c) I was picking my nose and my boogers are white
d) None of the above

And the answer is... D! Actually, I was working on my latest Halloween decor DIY! (Although I won't deny that answers A-C are entirely possible)

My DIY project was whitewashing some false gourds! And I still had the time to carve a pumpkin too, so I go the best of both worlds! (More on that next post...)

Anyways, here's how it all went down:

Apparently orange is the most popular pumpkin color. Bah. I've been scanning the stores for white pumpkins and they are SCARCE. Those that I have found are on the pricey side (like $9-$19 for a medium sized one). The only cheap ones I found were at World Market, but they only had one size and girl's gotta have a little variety.

So I thought about nabbing some cheap-o orangies and painting them white to stick it to the man(ufacturer), but I didn't know if I'd have time. Then our group of friends decided we were having TWO pumpkin carving get togethers (because we are awesome)! So I was able to devote one of those evenings to carving and the other to painting. Whoopwhoop!

Oh yeah, and I chose fakies to paint because unfortunately real pumpkins don't last forever :( Which I was reminded of all too well with my carved pumpkin, which was already kaput after just a few days. Anyways, here are my fakies pre-white paint:

Not bad if you're going for that brown-orange-green-yellow look, but not for me. After a few coats of 99¢ paint they were done! Here's the breakdown:

  •  3 fake gourdies- $3.25 in total (they were half off!)
  • white craft paint- 99¢
  • black craft paint- 99¢
  • foam brushes- on hand (but you can get a big pack for a buck or two)

    Total: $5.25

Woot! And I still have extra paint for future projects! (On a side note, I considered getting spray paint instead of cheap craft paint but I didn't wanna have to go outside and be anti-social during pumpkin time with the friends!)

How are pumpkins going for everyone else? Where do you stand on the real vs fake, carved vs painted debate?

Much love,

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