Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post Halloween Sale!

The only good thing about Halloween being over? Getting Halloween decorations (and costumes) half off!!

I may or may not have gotten a little over-zealous with the on-sale impulse buys but hey, girl's gotta stock up for next year.

My favorite purchase were this little lantern/luminaries from Target. I've been eyeballing them all month and they happened to have 1 of each design left! Score! So I had to get them of course.

Am I the only 13-yr-old boy who can't help but this of something dirty about this pic?

I also picked up these cute sparkly pumpkins. I envision gaining a collection of white painted pumpkins and black sparkly pumpkins, all in different sizes, to place around my fireplace next year.

I got this little wreath too. I think it's Halloween-neutral enough that I could almost use it all year round (since I have so many black accents in my apartment anyway)

Now that I've gotten my fill of Halloween decorations... time to see how I can spend less on Thanksgiving/fall decor. I'm gonna use what I have and hopefully only buy a few touches. I tried to use Halloween decorations that could be translated to Thanksgiving/fall too, like white pumpkins and orange placemat thingies and candles.

Keeping that in mind, my spending goal for Thanksgiving/fall stuff is $10. Yep. Lets see if it's possible, considering I spent about 5x my spending goal for Halloween :P

Anyone else get any fun post-Halloween decor deals? Also, how do you smartly translate your Halloween decor into Thanksgiving/fall decor? Share the tips and tricks plz! :)

Much love,

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